ACRONYM (a super diabolical yet mysterious organization) is hell bent on ruining everybody's fun. Their evil plot is to chemically alter the drinks the people of Southern Louisiana love, reversing their effects, and making people miserable and unhappy. White Russian, a secret agent, and head of the FUN LEAGUE, needs your help to stop ACRONYM by searching through our site for clues to their caper. She's set up headquarters at Daiquiris & Company, and has enlisted several of our regulars into the FUN LEAGUE. They are known to you as Knockout Punch, Margarita, Pain Killer, and Bay Breeze.

The FUN LEAGUE needs you to navigate around each of your contacts’ homepages, helping them to find clues. Each clue will be vital to determining the cause and effect of ACRONYM’s diabolical chemical additive. When you find a clue, click on it, and a window will open explaining how that clue ties into your mission of foiling ACRONYM’s plot.

Every contact has 5 clues hidden somewhere in their profile. Information on their clues is included at the end of this briefing. Remember, these clues could be anywhere, so you’ll have to dig deep to find them (yes, there's work involved). Find all 5 clues for a contact, and you will be rewarded with a prize (hey...if you’re gonna work, you should get paid!)
Grand Prize - Find all 25 clues (5 contacts with 5 clues each), and you’ll be entered to

win a $100 Daiquiris & Company gift card EVERY MONTH!

Svetlana (Last name UNKNOWN) – AKA White Russian


Derek Miller – AKA Knockout Punch


Rita Torres – AKA Margarita


Azacca Villena – AKA Pain Killer


Windy Huffman – AKA Bay Breeze

"Cookies" must be enabled on your browser to play the game. We will not collect any personal information from your computer or device. Our "cookies" are only used to determine which clues you have found and which ones you haven't found.

The contact information you provide is kept private, and we do not share or sell your information to any third parties (that would be mean). We will only use your contact info to send updates on our store events and specials if you opt into our mailing list (this is nice).

So, browse around the site, find the clues, and have a good time. Tell your friends and have them play along.

And, remember to come party with us at your local neighborhood
Daiquiris & Company.

The fun is here!