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Signature Flavors

  • Knockout Punch - Our most powerful punch! Grain alcohol, 151 rum, and island rums blended with fruit punches.
  • Cruzan Bay Breeze - Premium Virgin Islands CRUZAN coconut rum blended with fruit juices and creme of coconut.
  • Mighty 190 - Stronger than Superman! 190 Everclear blended with orange liqueur and fruit juices.
  • Hpnotiq Haze - All the rage! Hpnotiq liqueur and vodka blended with fruit juices.
  • Pain Killer - A favorite of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Premium 151 and island rums blended with coconut island juices. Sure to kill the PAIN!
  • White Russian - Hands Down! The Best in Town! Vodka, coffee liqueurs blended with low fat milk.
  • Chocolate Bar - Chocoholics REJOICE! Rum, dark chocolate liqueur and Hershey’s syrup blended with milk. Desert with a Kick!
  • Bananasicle - Rum, coconut and banana. YUM!
  • Margarita - Delicious as it is or add a little Strawberry Daiquiri to create a Strawberry Margarita. Si?
  • Grand Isle Tea - South Louisiana’s answer to the Long Island Tea. Vodka, gin, rum and tequila with a splash of coke.
  • Strawberry Daiquiri - This started it all! Delicious sweet strawberries blended with island rums.
  • Pina Colada - The cheapest way to escape to the islands! 151 rum, creme of coconut and pineapple.
  • Hurricane - A New Orleans favorite! Our’s is a Category 5!
  • Jungle Juice - A frat party original. Tropical juices blended with grain alcohol and vodka.

Favorite Concoctions
Try one of these or create your own!

  • Killer Breeze - Bay Breeze and Pain Killer mixed!
  • Chocolate Russian - Add Chocolate Bar to White Russian.
  • Jamaican Me Nuts - Mix Bananasicle and Bay Breeze.
  • Banana Split - Bananasicle, Strawberry and Chocolate Bar.
  • Dreamsicle - Cruzan Bay Breeze & Pina Colada mixed.
  • Choco-Colada - Chocolate Bar and Pina Colada mixed.
  • Chocolate Monkey - Chocolate Bar and Bananasicle.
  • Smurf - Hpnotiq Haze and Cruzan Bay Breeze.
  • Red, White & Blue - Strawberry, Pina Colada & Hpnotiq Haze.
  • Mighty Breeze - Bay Breeze & Mighty 190.
  • TKO - Knockout Punch & Mighty 190.
  • Hulk - Mighty 190 & Hpnotiq Haze.

Customize your Daiquiri
Add a shot of Dekuyper Pucker or Schnapps to your favorite daiquiri for only $1

  • ButterFinger - Chocolate Bar with a shot of Dekuyper Buttershots.
  • Peppermint Patty - Chocolate Bar with a shot of Dekuyper Peppermint Schnapps.
  • Grape Ape - Bananasicle with a shot of Dekuyper Grape Pucker.
  • Strawberry Fields - Strawberry with a shot of Dekuyper Watermelon Pucker.
  • Berry Blast - Hpnotiq Haze with a shot of Dekuyper Berry Fusion.
  • Peach Colada - Pina Colada with a shot of Dekuyper Peachtree Schnapps.
    *Not all flavors available at all locations.

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